Frequently Asked Questions About Our Caminos in Namibia

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Who is Chadmanwalking?
Hiya, my name is Chad Wratten and sometimes I am Chadmanwalking. My Caminos started in 2010 after some hectic experiences changed my life forever. I was a mess and was on the brink of certain death. I enrolled the help of my maintenance guy (who had no driving licence) and my 2 pups, Hagler and Kuiseb. I drove to Luderitz, dipped my toe in the ocean, and started to walk.

65 days later, I walked into Swakopmund a changed man. I discovered some answers while in the desert, but as my demons kept returning, I did 6 personal Caminos over the next decade.

2010: 665km
2014: 1350km
2015: 879km
2015: 100km
2016: 300km
2018: 1115km

I walked most of them for myself and in aid of nature conservation and now walk for mental health awareness.

I have been in the hospitality industry for 30 years and managed the Cardboard Box backpackers for 20 years, as well as owning Wild Cherry Adventures and doing safaris throughout Southern Africa.

The Caminos in Namibia are my baby, and I pride myself in good guiding, sleeping soundly, fantastic service and food made with love.

Caminos in Namibia
My Caminos are all wilderness trails and we live in nature. My unique campsites are free of all other human contact and there are very few man-made structures to be seen anywhere along our routes. We are truly remote and on a wilderness trail.

I have a satellite messaging system and, in case of an emergency, can message for help. I am in contact with all lodges close to our routes and again they are always there to help if necessary. In most places we will have no cell phone signal.

What is included in the Caminos?
We supply a tent, mattress, sheet (that you keep for the duration of your Camino), camping bed (stretcher), 3 meals a day (made with love), borehole water (if you prefer mineral water please bring your own 5L drinking water), 5L of washing water per person per day will be supplied. A two-man back up team (George & Steve) manages our camp (I can’t do this alone, so ‘The Men’ are vital to the completion and success of our adventure).

What kind of bathroom facilities will I have?
We will set up 2 or 3 canvas cubicles. We will dig a hole and place a camping toilet chair over it. There will be sand and a spade. Please sprinkle some sand over but please don’t fill up the hole, LoL. Another one will have rubber mats and a bucket inside. Please bring a face cloth. There is a chair to sit or put your things on. You take a kettle off the fire and add it to your 5L and you can wash.

Toilets and showers are both at the back of the camp and will have lovely views ? You will have your privacy.

Hmmm, bathroom facilities. Can I use toilet paper or is it just water and my facecloth?
We will dig a hole that has a toilet chair over it. It will be screened off but has a zip if you want a loo with a view. We provide toilet paper and a spade. You do your business, cover it with a little sand and wash your hands with the water provided.
What are my responsibilities on the Camino?
The idea behind my Caminos is for you to do as little as possible and spend your time on yourself. We ask that you pack your overnight bags and leave them next to the trailer for easy packing. We take care of the rest. We put up and break down camp, cook, clean and do all other camp chores.
How much water should I take?
We supply borehole water (safe to drink) and river water to shower but feel free to bring your own mineral water to avoid any mishaps. 5L a day is recommended.
What do we eat?
I have been cooking on open flames for 40 years. My two right hand men, George and Steve, are accomplished safari cooks and together we will create food made with love ? We cater for both Carnivores & Herbivores. Lots of braais (BBQs), salads, veggies roasted in foil, pasta, spaghetti bolognaise and potjies (stews). Lunches are cold meats with couscous, salads, potatoes, rice or pasta salads.

Namibia Caminos
Caminos Namibia
So, all food is included and I just pack trail snacks?
Yes. I provide 3 meals a day. Breakfast is on the move at around 9am. Lunch is at camp after the morning’s walking. Dinner is after last light. Please bring as many snacks as you want ?
Can I take drinks?
You are very, very welcome to bring alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The easiest is if you can bring a cooler box with your beverages in and we will try to get them into the fridge as we eat space into it.

If I don’t pack any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages do I just drink water with dinner or are any standard refreshments provided with dinner?
We provide coffee and tea and there is water to drink. This could be river or borehole water depending on where we find ourselves. So please bring all drinks and mineral water you might want.

Is the borehole water consumable?
Yes, but if you might find it a bit sandy tasting. So a rehydrate or Slowmag in the water makes it palatable.
Will there be shops?
There are absolutely no shops on any of the Caminos. So please bring everything you need.
How much luggage can I bring?
1 x medium soft luggage bag. 1 x cooler box, your 5L waters and your day bag.
What will I carry while we are walking?
We have a 3-man support team, and we do all camp and transport duties. You carry only your day bag with 2 litres of water in it and snacks.
How much water will I have to shower?
Water is obviously our biggest problem. You will have about 5L per person, to wash each day. There will be hot water on the fire that you can add to the cold water.
Do we sleep in the same spot twice?
No, we move every day. We have a mobile camp, and we leapfrog the group as you walk and set up camp ahead of your arrival.