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The Damaraland Camino is part of our Namibia Walking Tours

Damaraland CaminoThe Damaraland Camino is a fully catered 6 day slackpacking wilderness trail. We hike from Camp Madisa to Brandberg White Lady Lodge and the trail is approximately 56 km long. There is 4 days of walking. Day 1 15 km, day 2 15 Km, day 3 16 km & day 4 13 km.

We have a 3-man support staff team that will assist with tents and all camp chores while you walk.

We include 3 meals a day made with LOVE & all camping equipment.

We meet at 5 pm on day 1 and have a welcome braai and Camino briefing at Camp Madisa. All 5 nights accommodation are included. Camp Madisa, 3 nights wild camping in Damaraland and the last night at Brandberg White Lady Lodge. The staff team (George, Steve & myself) will be on 24h standby should you need anything.

I carry a GPS tracker and messaging system with a SOS button in case we need help. Your friends and family can also follow our progress on this page.

On day 6 breakfast is included, you can leave at leisure. A shuttle can be arranged from Windhoek-Damaraland- Windhoek if there are enough guests.

If you self drive you will leave your vehicle at Brandberg White Lady Lodge. We will shuttle you to the start and your vehicles will then be there at the end.

Chadman Walking

  • 2 Person Dome Tent
  • Camping Bed
  • Mattress
  • Mattress Cover
  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • Camping at Camp Madisa & The Brandberg White Lady Lodge
  • 3 Nights Wild Camping
  • Back-up vehicle, trailer and 3 staff
  • Meals
  • Ice
  • Firewood
  • Water
  • Guide
  • Airport Transfers (on request)
  • Visa Fees
  • Beverages
  • Tip & Gratuities
  • Personal Insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Torch or Head Lamp
  • Extra Batteries
  • Spare Boot Laces
  • Sun Block
  • Wet Wipes
  • Hat
  • Matches
  • Hand Wash
  • 2 x 1 Litre Water Bottles or Canteen
  • Snacks
  • Binoculars
  • Swimwear
  • Solar Power Bank
N$ 8,999 per person sharing
N$ 10,999 single tent
Children under 10: N$ 4,000 pp When sharing with an adult.

Price includes camping at Damaraland, Brandberg White Lady Lodge, Wild Camp, meals and backup.

We will shuttle you back to the start to collect your vehicle. There is also a shuttle option from Windhoek return for N$600 .

2023 Dates
7 June to 12 June (50km)
5 July to 10 July (50km)
19 July to 24 July (50km)
2 August to 7 August (50km)

Day 1

We meet at Camp Twyfelfontein at 5:30PM, and have a 6PM briefing and get to know each other.

The fire will be ready after the briefing and we will have a tasty braai. Your camping and dinner is included.

Day 2

We drive to our starting point at Burnt Mountain. To get into the swing of things, we start with a 16 km walk. We walk along the rocky trail towards the Doros Crater and keep our eyes open for a chance encounter with a black rhino.

This is a medium day of walking. We have breakfast on the go and will reach our Camp by lunchtime.

There is a mobile camp that moves with us every day. We are joined by a 2-man backup team that alternates as camp managers and takes care of all camp chores. They also create our nutritious and tasty meals.

The afternoons can get hot, but there is a 10m x 6m shade netting that we use to escape from the sun.

I will walk with you until breakfast where we will look for tracks, fauna and flora. Thereafter you will have time to walk on your own and meditate as you let nature fill your senses. I will however not be far away in case you need anything.

Day 3

We leave the Doros Crater behind us and head south towards the Goantagab River. It is a 18 km walk on this day, on rocky terrain. Its an amazing place to be!

This area has, by Namibian standard, a high black rhino population and the chance to see one of these illusive animals walking between watering holes increases.

We only walk as fast as the slowest walker. The idea of this walk is to leave your stress at home and spend some time with yourself. This is your time. Be nice to yourself and those walking with you.

In this wilderness area there are free roaming lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and cheetahs. We rest overnight at Euphorbia Camp.

This area has no light pollution, and the stars are fully visible and unbelievable to behold. The sunset at this camp lights up the Brandberg, it is a breathtaking view.

Day 4

Today is our first downhill walk of 15 km to Cheetah Camp.

The whole day we will be walking straight towards the Brandberg, which is a spectacular sight. We will have crossed the halfway point and your spirits will be high.

Our walk will be on lots of sand. On this day, we cross the Namibian Meseta.

The afternoons is your own leisure time, during which you can read, meditate, play chess, have a drink or recover in the shade.

Day 5

This is our final walking day, and the most magnificent. We drop down the mini escarpment towards our breakfast tree. The terrain in this area is mostly gravel plains.

After breakfast we stroll amongst the granite boulders before making our way down into the Ugab River for the last 5km, from there we will walk to the Brandberg White Lady Lodge. We have reached our goal, and festivities begin from there.

Day 6

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast before returning back home. Our food is simple but nutritious & yummy. We cater for all food requirements.

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