Desert Lion ConservationOerwoud Project

The Desert Lion Conservation

Desert Lion ConservationChad Wratten is doing a walk in the Namib Desert in April 2019 for the Desert Lion Conservation.

Find out more on Chad’s blog.

Desert Lion Conservation

The Oerwoud Project

Wild Cherry Adventures and their partner school, the Elverum Kolkehogskule in Norway, support and sponsor the Oerwoud Project. The project has funded a kindergarten 10km South of Tinsabis in the Otjozondjupa district. They built the kindergarten so the children in the community can spend another 2 years at home before having to go to boarding school. We have sponsored the building of class rooms, bathrooms, donated a generator and Wild Cherry Adventures sells their product and curios in our offices so they can make some extra money.

Direct donations can be made to the below.
First National Bank
Oerwoud Kindergarten
Tsumeb Branch Code: 280873
Account Number: 62267633339
Swift code for out of country deposits: FIRNNANX

Desert Lion Conservation

Desert Lion Conservation